On July 1 2021, a new high-end bakery opens in the centre of Copenhagen – more accurately in Nyhavn, which is one of the most historic and picturesque parts of our capital. The bakery – UMIDDELBAR (translates to Immediate) – features an impressive Egeværk piece on one of its walls.

We were approached by the Umiddelbar team a while back as they wanted a standout piece for the interior of the bakery. Something that would ”define the place”. We are always up for challenges of that kind, and created a large Flow installation consisting of two independent pieces gracefully interconnected by the law of minimal surfaces. The material is Danish ash and the two pieces change dramatically when experienced from different angles.

Please take a look at some of our process pics; beginning with the maquette of the Flow installation we created with two figures of average sizes (male and female) in order for our client to be able to sign off on the idea, to the vast and accurate construction of the pieces.

And please stop by 16 Store Strandstræde the next time you are close to Nyhavn. Buy some amazing bread and say hello to our sculpture…

Pic 1: Maquette. Pic 2: The gluing process. Pic 3: Lasse and Casper discussing the lines of the piece. Pic 4: Lasse checks out the angles of the large piece.