Hostler Burrows


New York

35 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10003

+ 1 – 212 343 0471


Los Angeles

6819 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

+1 – 323 591 0182

Hostler Burrows is a design gallery founded in 1998 by Juliet Burrows and Kim Hostler. Initially dedicated solely to Nordic design and decorative arts, the gallery has expanded its program and now integrates a full roster of contemporary artists, both established and emerging, with historical works. While international in scope, the gallery’s primary focus remains in Scandinavia and rooted in the tradition of studio ceramics, particularly work by female artists.

The gallery is devoted to exhibiting work imbued with the qualities from which it has drawn inspiration since its beginnings – craftsmanship, intention, and integrity. Hostler Burrows’ unique vision and deep understanding of the sublime design which emerged from Scandinavia in the 20th Century carry over and inform the contemporary work which is brought to market with passion and a critical eye.

Hostler Burrows’ carefully curated spaces, both in the gallery and at the world’s leading fairs, have placed them at the forefront of the design market and introduced an international clientele to a new generation of important artists whose works, while often cutting edge, maintain a strong continuity with the past.

The gallery is committed to building longstanding relationships, both with the artists whose work they promote as well as the design clientele and community at large. Hostler Burrows believes in the ideals of beauty and authenticity, and strives to create a unique experience to share with its audience.

Sarah Myerscough Gallery


34 North Row
W1k 6DH

+44 (0) 20 7495 0069

Sarah Myerscough Gallery is situated in an old boathouse on the river in Barnes, where the gallery curates seminal exhibitions reflective of the contemporary dialogues in craft and design.

The gallery represents highly-skilled international artist-designer-makers, whose practices are grounded in craft-making traditions but defined by contemporary innovation and invention. Through diverse making processes, they collectively embrace the complex intersections between history and future; hand and technology; form and function. By curating a specialist programme of exhibitions, the gallery aims to support this movement within the arts, which advocates the importance of retaining elements of the past, to mould a vision of the future.

The gallery’s aesthetic is clearly centred on material-led processes and relishes the connection to the natural world: organic material and form, with a focus on wood. It embraces the elemental and the imperfect and seeks creative authenticity and integrity, indulging in texture, tactility and sensory experience, which informs each object and unique sculptural furniture piece. Nick Compton in Hole and Corner comments that, ‘Myerscough represents a collection of more than 20 artist-makers – and together they represent a unique and compelling take on what contemporary craft can and should be; not perfect or obviously pretty, nor backward looking, but born of an intimate understanding of material and the cause and effect of craft skills’.

Sarah Myerscough aims to promote this new breed of artist-designer-maker at the highest level by exhibiting at the world’s pre-eminent art, design and craft fairs and placing works within significant private and public collections. It brings their practices to a wider international audience, so that their exceptional creative vision is properly acknowledged.

Essentially, the ultimate ambition is an engagement with unique art, design and craft pieces, which are imbued with narrative and material intelligence. This concept is perhaps best described by Glenn Adamson in his book Fewer, Better, Things (Bloomsbury New York, 2018): ‘…What if we were to approach every object according to its potential narrative and meaning – the way that we give a toy to a child or a ring to a spouse? …If we were to bring objects into our lives one by one, each time with genuine care, it would be better for us, better for society, better for the planet.’

Established in 1998, Sarah Myerscough Gallery represents a distinguished group of contemporary craft and design artists, specialising in material-led processes with a focus on wood. The gallery works in both public and private collections, maintains a full programme of exhibitions and participates in leading art fairs around the world, including PAD London, Masterpiece London, Design Miami/Basel, Design Miami, SALON Art + Design New York, and FOG Design + Art San Francisco.

Galleri Montan


Bredgade 10
DK-1260 Copenhagen K

+45 35 37 00 68

MONTAN was established in 1992 by gallerists Lasse Montan and Claus Andersen. From the address in central Copenhagen, at Bredgade 10, MONTAN presents modern silver crafts – as the only gallery in Denmark. Leading artists from home and abroad, are represented by the gallery. MONTAN works together with renowned international galleries.

The great Danish silversmith Georg Jensen put Denmark on the world map with his unique talent. Since then, new generations of talented artists have emerged who have rediscovered and renewed the tradition of silver crafts.

During the years MONTAN have broaden the content in the gallery to exhibit art works in glass, wood, painting and ceramic.

Vessel Gallery


114 Kensington Park Rd
London | W11 2PW
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 207 727 8001

Founded in Notting Hill, London in 1999 Vessel Gallery aims to be a major destination for all those who appreciate contemporary art-glass sculpture and decorative lighting. From the stunning simplicity of Scandinavian crystal, via flamboyant Italian art glass, to the best of British and International creative talents, all pieces are unique or limited edition and have been carefully edited to show an unparalleled selection of contemporary design and craft.

Vessel Gallery also edits its own editions, an on-going programme working with emerging and established studio artists and designers, producing unique collections of exclusive limited edition art works in glass and other materials. The collections span from lighting, wall panels, hanging sculptures and interior objects. The majority of the collections are handcrafted by the artists and designers in their studios but also handmade in collaboration with skilled craftsmen from all over the world.

Vessel also consults for interior and corporate projects, providing the opportunity to have a truly bespoke commissioning service with unique works created in dialogue with the client. In addition the gallery is a valuable resource for artists, museums and collectors. Numerous artworks have entered prestigious public collections as a direct result of the Gallery’s exhibitions and advocacy.