Skylight Bowls / Kulturnatten

Everyone is invited to experience the live creation of light-as-a-feather churned ash bowls during Kulturnatten Helsingør. At Egeværk Display in Stengade 11B, Mette Bentzen will demonstrate how the already turned bowls are coloured with pigments dissolved in water. The process is fast and fun and the effects are often surprising.

The Skylight Bowls are an important part of Egeværk’s ecosystem as they are made by the wooden leftovers from the completion of large sculptural pieces in the Egeværk Studio. The small pieces of high-quality wood (mostly ash) are carefully collected and then handturned into the light and minimalistic wooden bowls.

Egeværk donates the cost of planting one tree in a Danish forest per bowl to Growing Trees. More specifically, all proceeds from the Skylight Bowls are invested in a new ’Folkeskov’ in Store Lyngby, North Zealand.


Egeværk Display, Stengade 11B, September 24, 5.30 pm – 9 pm