It looks like a find from King Pharao’s treasury.

“Egyptienne” is designed by Danish architect and designer Hannes Stephensen (1944) and crafted by Egeværk (Mette Bentzen 1978 and Lasse Kristensen 1985).  Joint product development.
When Hannes Stephensen first approached furniture makers Egeværk with his initial sketches, the first response from Egeværk was: “Is it difficult? Because otherwise, we are not interested.”
Since then, the experienced architect and the ambitious young Egeværk duo have proven to be a match made in heaven – kindred spirits basing every decision on a shared love of their material and a desire to create truly formidable pieces of furniture – or art.
Architect Hannes Stephensen grew up in the environment that fostered many of the most revered Danish design classics. Shaped by this intellectual as well as highly creative background, Hannes Stephensen chose to work as a self-taught carpenter at Denmarks most remote, and indeed very small island, Christiansø. Here, he explored wood as a material for several years before going on to study architecture in Aarhus. Hannes graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture in 1972, and his love of wood and craftmanship has since been instrumental for his oeuvre as a furniture designer and architect.
Award-winning furniture sensation Egeværk is all about refining their craft – and pushing the boundaries of it on a daily basis. Egeværk often uses the phrase “Exploring craft, creating art” to define what they do; Egeværk is definitely a far cry from your traditional furniture workshop. The high ambitions of Egeværk always seem to be more about the craft than about themselves, and the quality of their experimental pieces has opened the doors to the global arena of collectible design.

Egyptienne is showcased at the Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition at Sophienholm, Lyngby, Denmark. November 6, 2021 – January 2, 2022.

Materials: Oak, stainless steel and flag line. Dimensions: H 82 cm, W 60 cm, D 50 cm.