The moon is more than 4.5 billion years old
384.405 kilometers away from Earth
The only celestial body on which man has set foot
Where leaps have been taken

The moon has a light side
An intimate friend when everything is dark
In Nordic summers, it hangs light as a feather over fjords,
cornfields and new love
Reassuring and calm

The moon has a dark side
With a mysterious pull
Control of ebb and tide and the creation of new life
Lunatic asylums

Iapetus is the third-largest moon of Saturn. Giovanni Cassini discovered Iapetus on Oct. 25, 1671. However, to astronomers Iapetus appeared only as a dot whose brightness varied from brighter to fainter over the course of an orbit around Saturn. It has been suggested that Iapetus is three quarters ice and one quarter rock. In Greek mythology, Iapetus is a Titan, the son of Uranus and Gaia. Ø 120 cm, black stained ash, leaf silver and LED. Unique, year 2023.