Diary of a meltdown

For the past couple of years, Danish design duo Egeværk has refined the art of making ash wood melt. At least visibly. Each unique Ice Series piece presupposes careful analysis of melting processes understood from a scientific as well as an aesthetic point of view. Ideas and expressions are then translated into sculptural pieces of furniture through Egeværk’s uncompromising craftsmanship.

From Aug 7 through 16, Egeværk invites the public to join them in yet another curious exploration of ice, wood and craftsmanship.

The Egeværk workshop and gallery space is divided by a large glass wall; on its one side, the melting experiments will take place. On the other, Mette, Lasse and their team will work on an Ice Series piece. All questions from the public (off and online) are more than welcome along the way and will be addressed. Join the public meltdown:

The Egeværk workshop/gallery space: Every day 10am-5pm

Facebook and Instagram: An online diary will be updated every day at 5pm

Live Q & A: Aug 10 and 16 at 4pm (Facebook)*

The ICE SUMMER piece will subsequently be exhibited at Galleri Montan in Copenhagen.


Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London

Galleri Montan, Copenhagen

ICE SUMMER is kindly supported by the Ministry of Culture, Denmark

Images from the workshop during Ice Summer in the August of 2020 (in the middle of a heat wave).