The global culture of work is undergoing seismic shifts these years. Behind the obvious practicalities – remote work, hybrid models, virtual presence – lies a more profound shift which we have tried to manifest in Iceland.

Home office.. the word itself reveals a bygone contradiction. Home is where the heart is, while we associate the word office with efficiency, professionalism and intellectual strength. According to our analysis, work is becoming a state of mind, an act of love, a merger of heart and mind. We need both sides to create brilliant work. Which on the other hand can happen around the clock.

Iceland is designed for the future of work. We have created the piece in Danish ash and plexiglass. It will allow sensitive work to blend into the efficiency of your home. And as a bonus, we invite elves, trolls and other magical creatures to inspire your future work.

Shelf and Console created for Tv show Denmark’s Next Classic (Danmarks næste klassiker)

Materials: Black stained Danish ash, acrylic and water. Dimensions: Shelf H 87 cm W 90 cm D 49 cm Console H 67 cm W 138cm D 45 cm