The moon is more than 4.5 billion years old
384.405 kilometers away from Earth
The only celestial body on which man has set foot
Where leaps have been taken

The moon has a light side
An intimate friend when everything is dark
In Nordic summers, it hangs light as a feather over fjords,
cornfields and new love
Reassuring and calm

The moon has a dark side
With a mysterious pull
Control of ebb and tide and the creation of new life
Lunatic asylums

Metis is the innermost known moon of Jupiter and the first wife of Zeus.
Our moon pieces can be experienced in several stages, during the day you can see the form, in the twilight you start to see the moonlight and at night only the light is visible. When you can see the light of the moon outside, you can also see the light of the moon in the sculpture.
Unique piece. Danish Ash and LED light. Dimensions Ø 87 cm