In late 2019, we were invited to be part of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 as a live act at the Danish Pavilion: At the epicentre of it all, Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen (collectively known as Egeværk) will create and present their joint and very personal vision for the future of Danish craftsmanship. The live session will take place in a real workshop and the unique work will be part of the Ice Series, which is developed in a close collaboration with Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London. Other unique Ice works will be exhibited in the Danish pavilion for all visitors to experience a hitherto unknown fluidity of wood.

This is a summary of the original plan – which might be subject to changes (while we cross our fingers for Olympic Games in 2021). This story will be updated …

Our participation at the Tokyo Olympics is facilitated by DesignWerck and funded by the Danish Arts Foundation.

Update July 24, 2021:

According to pre-Corona schedule, Egeværk should have been part of the official Danish programme in the Danish Pavillion. The plan was to create a popup Egeværk workshop and live handcraft one of our pieces In the pavillion over the course of the Olympic Games.

As we all know, nothing has been according to schedule for the past year and a half – and the Olympic Games have officially begun today without the majority of surrounding activities. The Egeværk workshop included.

Egeværk congratulates Tokyo with the opening of the games, and wishes all the Danish athletes the very best of luck. We hope to be able to represent Denmark in the un-official discipline of fine woodworking another time.