August 09 2023 was a proud day for Egeværk; our new sculpture SEJL was revealed in the historic centre of Elsinore, Denmark. SEJL is our interpretation of a signature for the historic Elsinore and is created in oak and sandblasted glass. Please find below the official account of the project by Elsinore municipality and the Elsinore museums.



The cultural institutions M/S Museet for Søfart and the Elsinore Museum joined forces with Elsinore Municipality in 2022 and described the project A New Signature for the Historic Elsinore. With that project, they were selected to participate in the project Cities For Culture, which is initiated by Wonderful Copenhagen and supported by Denmark’s Business Promotion Board. The overall objectives of the Cities for Culture project are to attract more international guests, increase guest satisfaction, increase cultural consumption, increase citizen support and ensure a green destination.


The project in Elsinore

In the project, M/S Museet for Søfart, the Elsinore Museums and Elsinore Municipality wanted to develop a proposed solution for a physical communication format that can evoke associations, feelings and identification for citizens around the historic Elsinore. The signature was to create a connection between the Historic Harbor (the entire Culture Harbour Kronborg) and the historic city centre, by being a recognizable eye-catcher in the urban space and thereby arousing curiosity among guests in the city about the city’s storytelling. It is our hope that the sculpture can become a signature for historic Elsinore.

An important part of the project has been to create ownership and pride in the proposed solution for the citizens of the city (and especially the city centre). Therefore, a group of local citizens has been invited into the development process to qualify the project and the end result.


Egeværk designs

The resident world-famous designers Egeværk agreed to take part in the project and thus participate in citizen involvement and from there design and create the sculpture.


Time horizon and future perspectives

Signature will be revealed on August 9 at 16.30 at Wiibroe Plads where it will sit for six weeks, where, among other things, user analyses are collected. On the basis of these analyses, it is assessed whether funding should be sought to create more Signature works. It is hoped that in the future, – in a smaller format, the Signature Work can also be found in various places in the city and port, so that tourists and citizens can encounter information about the city’s history: residents who lived here, events that took place right here, ships that laid /is located or other exciting stories that can be communicated site-specifically around the urban space and on the harbor and in that way visually tie Elsinore’s historic harbor and city together.

Photos by Lukas Bukoven and Mette Brask