Sky Light

We use leftover ash wood from our ICE Series to make these pots. They are hand turned in a round bottom shape, which makes the pieces dance. The surface is smooth like silk and they invite you to touch and connect with the wood as a natural material.

The colours are inspired from the light of the Nordic sky. When the sun sets, or the time when the last light disappears and day turns into night. When the aurora borealis colours the sky green. When you see an erupting volcano colour the night sky red in Iceland.

At the Egeværk Studio, we create sculptural works using the most beautiful wood. By the end of our workdays, we collect all small leftover pieces of wood and turn them into light and elegant bowls. Each time a bowl is sold, we finance the planting of a young tree in a Danish forest. A circulation of what lies close to our hearts.

Materials: Ash. Sizes from Ø 5 cm to 25 cm.