A New York Minute

We have just spent a wonderful and inspiring week in New York, where we visited TEFAF New York 2024, swung by our great gallery Hostler Burrows and just enjoyed the buzz and inspiration of the world centre of art.

Glacier Lights in Architectural Digest Pro

Since late Fall, we literally have counted the months, weeks and days to the opening of TEFAF 2024. We spent a large portion of 2023 creating our new Glacier Lights which were to be launched at TEFAF by Hostler Burrows. The Hostler Burrows exhibition was beautiful, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive – and we are also honored and grateful to be selected and featured by Architectural Digest Pro ahead of TEFAF (selected by AD).

Egeværk recommends…

During TEFAF, we were invited by Elephant Magazine to recommend our favourite pieces to other visitors. In the vast sea of interesting art that TEFAF is, we chose a chandelier by Studio Drift and a sculpture by Sakari Kannosto – find our recommendations here.. and enjoy the beautiful pieces. As we enjoyed New York. We will return to the studio fully charged with creative energy.

Top left: Our Glacier Lights were highlighted by Architectural Digest Pro at TEFAF 2024. Top tight: The historic Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan. Second row: The Egeværk Glacier Lights at Hostler Burrows, TEFAF. Third row: Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen outside Hostler Burrows, New York.