There are many exciting art shows focusing on the category of collectible design in the world – but there is only one Design Miami. This art show is what Formula 1 is to motorsport.

On November 29, Egeværk will be presented at Design Miami for the first time by not one, but two internationally acclaimed galleries.

At the time of writing up this story, we have not yet received images from our long-term partner in London, Sarah Myerscough Gallery who represents our Ice Series in Miami, so we will focus on our new gallery; Hostler Burrows (NY and LA). Hostler Burrows presents our FLUID easy chair at Design Miami (we will get back to the beautiful Sarah Myerscough Gallery stand in our next story).

We are very excited about the new collaboration with Hostler Burrows which is a gallery curating with a very steady hand. They have a special sensitivity towards Nordic aesthetics which make us feel really at home. We created the first FLUID easy chair for the Danish TV show Denmark’s Next Classic, we found inspiration in primitive sea animals, and transformed our inner vision into a wooden shape which subsequently was transformed into a giant resin shell. 22 copper legs, incredible colors and transparency… FLUID is on its own path now; right now on this prestigious show in Miami.

Mette and Lasse will be present at Design Miami for the entirety of Design Miami 2022.


Design Miami 2022

November 30 – December 4

All pics: Joe Kramm