Break on through to the other side…

Our very first VOID is an important chapter in Egeværk’s history. In 2017, we had many ideas of and fantasies about creating wooden objects with a completely new expression. The VOID table was the first complete object, and became a turning point for us.

First of all, our collaboration with Sarah Myerscough Gallery took off, when she curated the piece for the prestigious Nomad Design Fair in Monaco; set in Karl Lagerfeld’s incredible Villa Vigie.

The piece became a Top Pick in the renowned international Wallpaper Magazine and was mentioned in Forbes Magazine to name a few of the press clips that also proved to us that our work entered a new and international sphere.

Since the presentation of the first VOID table in Monaco, we have been blessed with  an abundance of great commissions, collaborations and a busy exhibition agenda. And most important to us, it was a warm welcome of us on an important scene.. of our experiments and our very own take on how wooden pieces can take up space in the world.

Table/sculpture. Design and creation: Egeværk. Material: Danish ash. Dimensions: H 85 x D 45 x W 100 cm


Is VOID a table from a distant nightmarish future? Or a magical creation picked in the middle of a Nordic forest by a gentle giant? Unattended, will it root in your living room??

To Egeværk, VOID is a love song to the most beautiful wood in the world; the dying Danish ash. VOID also pays tribute to the process of creating by hand. The very process that makes Egeværk tick.

VOID is an investigation into the relationship between function, shape, craft and art. A creative nonsense and a thing of great beauty.

A table is a convention, an understandable place to meet up and socialize. But you can’t place anything on VOID; it is not a natural place to have a conversation; cups, plates and cutlery will disappear into the void.

On some surfaces, shape playfully succumbs to functionality, on others, the exploration of the material seems to win. In VOID, the magnificent ash and the organic shapes battle function in the most beautiful and thought-provoking way.

VOID is carved out of an ash monolith using spokeshaves, rasps, wood chisels, and a mallet. We imagine that the original size and shape of the huge block of wood will always linger discreetly in the room.