As we write this, FLUID sits in our studio and is full of light and glow. Just like the sea always reflects the sky, FLUID is changing constantly, reflecting the light from its surroundings.

Looking at it, we find it a bit difficult to fully grasp that we have actually created it. It seems to have a life of its own, a creature stemming from the deep sea or outer space.


This is an introduction to the real and imaginary worlds of Egeværk. Here, everything pivots around wood, nature, collaboration and craftsmanship, and is an invitation to reconnect to all of the above.

Egeværk has a deep-rooted connection to the landscape in their native homeland of Denmark and its neighbouring countries, specifically the harsh winter icescapes of Sweden, Norway and Iceland.


To Egeværk, wood is the perfect material: “Precious metals need extreme heat in order to melt, porcelain and clay need burning in order to become stabile.

Throughout our process, the wood is itself, and thus an equal partner to us. The biggest beauty of it is that wood never stops living. Even in a processed stage, it will live on as it ages, change due to light, humidity, wear and tear. It keeps interacting with its surroundings and somehow keeps breathing.”

Ice layers are effortlessly mirrored in growth rings and fibres through the virtuoso craftsmanship of Egeværk.


”It is safe to say that we are Darwinists at heart. On our minds are not so much ideas about the end of civilisation, rather we are interested in the equal relationship between all living beings: humans, flora and fauna. It sounds harmonic, but can actually lead to rather bleak imagery.”

Mette and Lasse’s stories are as much about a busy travel and exhibition agenda as about observations in nature, and cultivating the particular introvert stillness of Nordic landscapes and expressing it through wood and in our designs.


Both ice and wood are natural materials of the Nordic climates: frosts and shadow, where muted colours rule the kingdom. They are part of our nature, both subtle and monochrome; and if you pay close attention, both are strikingly complex. Glacial shapes and displacements can be translated into the calm, sensual shapes of the wood.

The Nordic region is marked by a significant change in the amount of daylight throughout the year, winters ‘resetting’ nature and mild summers with long shadows. ‘Nordic’ is geographical, a mood, certain landscapes, a subdued color palette, an ideology.

Worth exploring.


A 76 pages introduction to the poetic universe of Egeværk. Flip through the publication or download your own PDF.

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