As a member of the Copenhagen Carpenters’ Guild (Københavns Snedkerlaug), Egeværk participates in the guild’s exhibition at 3 Days of Design, Moltke’s Palæ, Dronningens Tværgade 2.

Egeværk exhibit Grounded (from Denmark’s Next Classic) and a new Måne sculpture (with light). Furthermore, a new and unique sky blue Fluid will be exhibited in Gallery Montan, Bredgade 10 close by.

On June 15, Egeværk will be part of the living exhibition demonstrating how they work with maquettes (small scale models) when they develop commissioned pieces in collaboration with galleries and collectors.

All are invited to visit and enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship represented and exhibited by the old, distinguished guild. Find information here.

Please read the guild’s own presentation: 

Danish design owes a great debt to the Copenhagen Carpenters’ Guild, Københavns Snedkerlaug, founded in 1554 and still, after 468 years, supporting local craft based on the pillars of longevity, local production, handcraft and technology. Its annual exhibitions have launched the careers of the pantheon of Danish designers. For the first time, Københavns Snedkerlaug will be part of 3daysofdesign, June 15-17. The guild exhibition showing work from small local and more established makers will be held in the Moltke’s Mansion, an impressive Baroque building in the centre of Copenhagen.