Ash, glass (sandblasted) and LED lights

6 meters high

Commissioned piece


The house, in which Folia now hangs, is remarkable, situated between the forest and the sea. The house is transparent and thus connects the visual worlds of the forest and the sea.

Egeværk were assigned to create a sculpture uniquely for this house in 2021, and our initial thought was that we wanted to connect the idea of plants and water. Further on in the process, we found inspiration in the way water is transported through the sophisticated and quite technical construction of any leaf. A logical and beautiful connection between the forest and the ocean.

Folia consists of 37 wooden leaves, all uniquely shaped by hand. Dedicated to an intuitive and tactile process, we refrained from applying any computer calculations.

Each leave is an individual masterpiece and conjures up an eternal and timeless appreciation of nature.

The sandblasted and tinted leaves are arranged on a 6 meters axis of glass and LED light in a graceful swirl pattern. The light in the glass symbolizes water but also the life of a plant. In some of the sandblasted glass tubes, there are small areas with clear glass which give a kind of flash when it is passed, just as the sea flashes when sun rays are reflected.