Everything is cyclical when you think about it. Our lives, the seasons, each day, breathing. The premises of the life we know; ashes to ashes, dust to dust… We need to fall in love with nature all over again. Hold it carefully in our hands, and appreciate nature’s power and might. These are the thoughts behind Spira. A light source that can be held in your hands. Which brings to mind the mighty oak trees letting go of their fine acorns in autumn storms; life begins all over again. 

Spira – cordless – is operated from a single dot Spira is gently hand-shaped in beautiful oak, a part of it is coated with leaf silver, which beautifully conveys the light. Easy to fall in love with.

Sculptural light created for the Tv show Denmark’s Next Classic (Danmarks næste klassiker)

Materials: Fumed oak and leaf silver. Dimensions: H without foot 24 cm, H with foot 27 cm, Ø 12 cm