From August 2021 through January 2022, Egeværk (represented by Mette Bentzen) participated in the Danish TV program Denmark’s Next Classic created and broadcast by Danmarks Radio (Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the Danish equivalent of the BBC).

The concept is that five designers are invited to participate in the program. They are, as the show progresses, presented with six different design challenges. After three weeks of hard work for each challenge, the projects are assessed by the program’s judges; acclaimed Danish designers Kasper Salto and Louise Campbell. The show’s focus is renewal of the renowned Danish furniture design tradition.

For the show, Egeværk created the sofa GROUNDED, the stool ABOVE, the chair VOICES, the lamp SPIRA, the home workplace ICELAND and the armchair FLUID, and Mette and Lasse are proud of all the works. The challenges and the short time allocated to each of them pushed Egeværk to apply new methods and choose new materials.

Though demanding, Mette and Lasse are happy about the TV show and proud of the outcome: “Along the way, we got used to having all of our reactions filmed and shared with an audience of between 500,000 and 1,000.000 viewers each week. Both the sleepless nights, the frustrations, our arguments and our feelings of ecstasy when the works turned out as imagined. We tried to keep everything real and are happy with the show which we feel shows us and our processes fairly.”

Find full descriptions of the works here.

Stream Denmark’s Next Classic (season 3).

GROUNDED. Created for program 1. Danish ash, leather and natural stones.
ABOVE. Created for program 2. Danish ash and steel.
VOICES. Created for program 3. Danish ash.
SPIRA. Created for program 4. Fumed oak and leaf silver.
ICELAND. Created for program 5 (winner of program). Black stained Danish ash, acrylic and water.
FLUID. Created for program 6. Resin and copper.