A jelly fish, a space oddity, a rocket man; (I miss the Earth so much, I miss my wife. It’s lonely out in space…*) Dizzy dreams of weightlessness, altered underwater realities. Odd lighting and flowing tentacles.

Fluid is the dreamiest of armchairs, a sculpture you can cuddle up in. And an exploration of fluidity.

*Thank you, E.J.

We are proud of the fact that our armchair FLUID came in second in its category. As we write this, FLUID sits in our studio and is full of light and glow. Just like the sea always reflects the sky, FLUID is changing constantly, reflecting the light from its surroundings.

Looking at it, we find it a bit difficult to fully grasp that we have actually created it. It seems to have a life of its own, a creature stemming from the deep sea or outer space. FLUID was the most difficult project to make, it was a huge challenge for us to abandon our beloved material; wood. But we absolutely love FLUID and are excited that we chose to go with the most outrageous idea and found our way despite of too little time and our lack of experiences with the material.

FLUID Easy chair (artist proof). Hand-cast resin and copper. Dimensions H 77 cm, H seat 37 cm, W 105 cm D 100 cm. Above picture by Le Klint.