In 1979, Danish songwriter Kim Larsen wrote a song about a life-changing moment. A simple song about falling in love. Later, singer and actor Jimmy Jørgensen interpreted this song on the stage of Copenhagen-based theater Aveny T, and created a truly magical moment, captured only on blurry video recordings on YouTube. Given the 2021 challenge to create a new chair for Aveny T, Egeværk wanted to capture magical theatrical echoes, give them a physicality and thus keeping significant – perhaps even life-changing – moments forever. Jimmy Jørgensen’s striking voice was recorded in the empty theatre, and the soundwaves were then milled into the elegant back of the chair. Sometimes it takes a lot of hearing to understand something. Sometimes we see something a million times without really getting it. Sometimes it takes a fraction of a second to experience a miracle. Such as falling in love. Or experiencing great art.

Concept The chair was developed for an expansion of Aveny T dedicated to a young audience. In Egeværk’s concept, all chairs would display different lyrics and quotes from remarkable artists from the history of Aveny T on the backs. A few chairs would have no engravings on the backs; leaving room for the voices of the next generations. Material: Danish ash.

Chair created for Tv show Denmark’s Next Classic (Danmarks næste klassiker)

Singer and actor Jimmy Jørgensen sings “Dagen før” by Kim Larsen. The soundtrack of Jimmys singing is carved into the back of the chair.
Material: Danish ash. Dimensions: H 81 cm H seat 46 cm W 46 cm D 50 cm